Pokerstars and Casino 777 have partnered.

Pokerstars and Casino 777 have partnered.

In an ambitious and highly strategic quest to return to the highly lucrative Swiss market, major brand Pokerstars has achieved a considerably beneficial arrangement with operator brand Casino 777, securing an exclusivity deal for distribution rights in the country.

The purchase was completed on July 1st, and the Swiss market has reacted positively so far, with Pokerstars returning after a two-year absence. They were a major hit in the country until their privileges ended on July 1, 2019, six months after the country’s new gaming legislation went into effect. It ultimately meant that PokerStars had failed to comply with the Federal Act on Money Games’ requirements.

However, thanks to a recent relationship with Casino 777, an online operator owned by the land-based operation Casino Davos, Pokerstars is now permitted to operate in the country, with a variety of benefits.

What does this imply for Pokerstars?

Despite being one of the largest online poker brands in the world and having a sizable presence in the US and UK markets, this newly granted entry agreement into Switzerland comes at a time when many online casino businesses are looking to expand into Europe.

When you consider the popularity of poker in the country, as well as the sheer amount of extra spare income that people have, and the lucrative banking business being one of the largest in the country, entering Switzerland is considered something of a coup.

Securing a deal with Casino 777 is not only smart, but it will also provide the groundwork for long-term expansion in the country, utilising an already well-known online casino brand.

Stadtcasino Baden Group and Ardent Group, a Belgian firm, jointly own Casino Davos. Casino Davos appointed a new chief gaming officer, Robert Kocher, in February to oversee all Casino 777 activities, and the arrangement with Pokerstars has been met with optimism since then.

The integration of the Pokerstars product with the Casino 777 brand has been a rigorous and arduous process, with a lot of attention devoted to the anti-money laundering safeguards that have been put in place.

Casino 777 has a lot of room for growth.

Integrating PokerStars with their brand is a potential growth path for Casino 777, which may see their revenue explode in the coming year. While the Swiss market has significant promise, the larger, worldwide market has the opportunity to make a significant difference.

Players from all over the world who want to participate in the popular PokerStars tournaments must first create an account with Casino 777, which puts the brand in the driver’s seat.

This implies that Casino 777 will be able to reach even more lucrative areas around the world while also ensuring that it can continue to serve its existing fan base.

There’s also no doubt that this partnership with Pokerstars will lead to further collaborations in the future, allowing it to further expand its global name in the industry.


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